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Category: Insurance

Portland's Ice Storm: Lessons Learned and Preparation for Next Time

Portland’s Ice Storm: Lessons Learned and Preparation for Next Time

Both our respective neighborhoods were hit pretty badly by the recent snowpocalypse. Fresh off the experience, we developed a checklist to help the next time a bad winter storm blows Portland's way. 
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Beginning of the Year

What Issues Should You Consider at the Start of the Year?

Resolutions aside, the beginning of a new year is always a great time to take stock of your family's finances and plan for the year ahead. Let our handy checklist walk you through some key areas.
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It’s Open-Enrollment Season. Is an HSA Still Right for You?

High-deductible health plans have gained popularity among numerous employers. Is it worth contemplating one for yourself?
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What Issues Should I Consider When Reviewing My Insurance?

Summer is in full swing, and road trips are some of the best ways to get out and explore nature and new places. 
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Margin for Error

Anika was humbled when respected financial journalist and veteran Wall Street Journal writer Jonathan Clements asked her to contribute a chapter to his new book, My Money Journey. In it, she details some personal obstacles and financial bloopers, including the money pit above.
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