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Portland's Ice Storm: Lessons Learned and Preparation for Next Time

Portland’s Ice Storm: Lessons Learned and Preparation for Next Time

Both our respective neighborhoods were hit pretty badly by the recent snowpocalypse. Fresh off the experience, we developed a checklist to help the next time a bad winter storm blows Portland's way. 
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Portland high taxes

Tired of thorny Rose City taxes? Here’s what to consider when weighing a move out of Portland

High taxes are prompting many Portland residents to consider moving out of Multnomah County. If you're one of them, here’s a framework for weighing that decision.
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Anika Financial Crossroads Podcast

Financial Crossroads Podcast: Margin for Error

Anika was recently a guest on the Financial Crossroads podcast to talk about her contributions to Jonathan Clements' newest book, My Money Journey.
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How to Save and Invest for Kids

How to Save and Invest for Kids

Many parents ask themselves what they should be doing today to set their children up for future financial success. 
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Save money with these green initiatives

How To Take Advantage of New Energy-Efficient Tax Rebates and Incentives

As part of President Biden’s recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners have a great opportunity to make energy-efficient upgrades to their home while saving money in the process. 
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Margin for Error

Anika was humbled when respected financial journalist and veteran Wall Street Journal writer Jonathan Clements asked her to contribute a chapter to his new book, My Money Journey. In it, she details some personal obstacles and financial bloopers, including the money pit above.
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Money Pit

An Estate Plan for Your Digital Assets? Yes, You Need One.

We’re all aware of the importance of having legal documents in place, such as a will or trust and advance directive. While your intentions for personal assets like grandma’s engagement ring or your childhood baseball card collection may be clearly spelled out, most people have given little thought to the legacy of their digital assets. 
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Buy or lease a new car

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Car? Five Questions to Help You Decide

The average age of a vehicle on American roads reached a new record of 12.2 years in 2021. Advances in quality and technology may be partly responsible for people hanging on to their vehicles longer than ever before. Shortages in new and used cars, combined with record high prices at the car lot, may also be partly to blame. 
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strategies for sustainable investing

3 Strategies for Sustainable Investing

As climate change disasters such as wildfires, floods, and intensifying storms seem to be increasingly common, many people are looking for a way to encourage companies to enact positive change, while casting a “vote” against the worst offenders. Enter the world of sustainable investing options, which have steadily grown in popularity over the last decade.
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3 Ways to Uplevel Your College Planning

THERE’S NO SINGLE, right way to legally crack the college admissions and financial aid systems. It’s up to teenagers and their parents to do the necessary work.
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