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Your family is one of a kind

The plan for your wealth should be too

We Need to Talk

Families should be talking about money.

Do you know your parents’ financial situation and how it may impact your own financial future? Have you planned for your children’s education, and are you teaching them about money? Do you and your partner view and manage your finances differently? Do you want to help your children and grandchildren become more financially independent as you age?

We founded Uplevel Wealth to start these conversations in a warm, supportive environment.

Our Community

We serve families and the people who mean the most to them.

Entrepreneurs, creatives, corporate employees, medical professionals — our clients have worked hard to get where they are today. They’ve accumulated degrees, climbed the career ladder, and put in countless hours at home.

By day they see patients, design products, and manage project teams. By night, they coach sports teams, chair board meetings, and check on aging parents.

In lives that move rapidly, one thing should be constant — the expert team who supports you.


Hi. We’re Amanda and Anika.

We’ve been told we make a powerful duo. We’ve worked on various trading floors, managed complex financial instruments, administered hedge funds, and have consulted clients on all aspects of their financial lives.

When you work with Uplevel, you’ll get double benefits. Amanda’s a decisive, big-picture thinker who quickly narrows in on what’s truly important. Anika is a detail-oriented problem solver who’s often the most prepared person in the room.

Together, with over 35 years of experience, we’re dedicated to helping you uplevel your wealth and life. We prioritize building client relationships over maximizing firm growth, humility over ego, and a personal touch over commoditized advice.

In short, we created Uplevel Wealth to do wealth better.



Amanda Harvey, CFP®

Everything I learned about money, I learned from my grandmother. As a single parent, she raised my mother while working three jobs. She showed me it’s possible to do so much with so little—and encouraged me to think big.

Anika Hedstrom, CFP®

My interest in personal finance was first sparked out of necessity. When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, my mother was stretched thin between his treatment, working as a nurse practitioner, raising three kids, managing our family farm, and coming up to speed on the family finances. Witnessing her experience activated an innate desire to learn as much as I could about money.

There are countless ways to Uplevel your life.

Here’s how we do it.


Wonder expands our worlds

Focus on what'S possible

Creating greater capabilities is the essence of Upleveling

See Time As Wealth

Live life on your own terms

Practice Humility

A wise woman once said nothing


Because life

Sound like a good fit?