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My Money Journey

I believe financial freedom is the ability to thrive and experience life while you’re in it. It’s the confidence to change direction, to take a calculated risk while staying in the game, or to cope with the unexpected with ease.

I recently shared these and other reflections in a new book that compiles the financial life stories of 30 people, My Money Journey. In my chapter, “Margin for Error,” I share the journey from homeownership, to giving birth to twins in an emergency delivery, to starting a fee-only financial planning firm. Having a plan with financial breathing room helped me respond and overcome the unexpected challenges along the way–and it’s at the core of how I help clients at Uplevel Wealth today.

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Start Your Journey

Finding financial freedom can seem daunting. What path should you take? How do you begin aligning money with a life of more autonomy and control? What about bumps in the road?

We are the expert team who can help you get there. By helping you articulate your dreams, putting a financial plan in place to achieve them, and providing valued guidance when life’s surprises inevitably occur, we’ll ensure you’re on the right path. If you’re ready to get started, so are we. We’d love to talk.

To read the financial stories of others, purchase a copy of My Money Journey here.