What Issues Should I Consider When Reviewing My Tax Return?

Review your tax returns

You worked hard to get all your info to your CPA as soon as possible to have your taxes filed and completed by April 18th. Barring any extensions or other issues, you’ve likely received your return by now. If you’re like most people, you either celebrate the refund or bemoan the amount owed, and then move onto other things. 

Spoiler alert: take the time to review your return. 

We get it. Reviewing tax returns can be daunting and difficult. It’s hard to keep up with the many state and federal complexities and often changing rules. Tracking your exposure to various taxes—ordinary income tax, capital gains tax, alternative minimum tax, net investment income tax—and your rights to various credits and deductions requires time and effort.

We’ve aimed to simplify things a bit via a checklist. Feel free to download it here.






























Clear as Mud?

While we’re not CPAs, we love a good tax return and discussing some of the best opportunities for you. Please reach out—we’d love to help.  


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