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After graduating with a degree in finance from Cal Poly, I joined Charles Schwab, one of the biggest financial firms in the country. Working with clients as the dot-com bubble burst, I saw how important close relationships were when markets became turbulent.

The same holds true for major life changes. When life presents a curveball, whether it’s an exciting new job or the passing of a loved one, being intimately familiar with my clients’ lives allows me to provide perspective and guidance when it’s needed most.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I understand that financial success involves so much more than picking the right investments — it’s about partnering with clients on all aspects of their financial lives. I also believe that too few women are involved in this process, both as advisors — only 23% of CFPs are women — and as active participants in household financial decisions.

I co-founded Uplevel Wealth to close this gap and create a home for clients who want to receive personalized, trusted financial guidance, just like family.